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Speaker Spotlight - Daniel Aarenstrup

Fintech Farm
February 29, 2024

Innovation and finance are not easy to combine and is an area where you should always tread carefully. But equally every time you come across a newcomer that’s challenging the order by offering customers a better deal, one gets super inspired. It takes real courage and skill to take on the big players of finance and prove a real and sustainable business model with no previous track record. 

The key to successful innovation within B2C finance is keeping it simple. One overwhelming characteristic of finance is its systemic complexity and simultaneous dependence on basic human psychology such as trust, fear, and greed. Striking a balance between simplifying complex finance without setting off our primitive alarm bells and not overpromising on the upside is the gold standard in innovation in finance.

And that is precisely what the Swedish challenger investment platform SAVR has done. Having gained a foothold as a low-cost investment platform SAVR has proven that stripping incumbents of excess value and handing it back to customers is a bold new value proposition yet standing on solid ground. 

It is therefore our great privilege to have the founder and CEO of SAVR Daniel Aarenstrup join us on stage at the Nordic Fintech Summit and share his views on what it is to innovate in finance and enter the market with a game-changing business model. Don’t miss Daniel and 40+ other speakers sharing their knowledge and experience of operating at the cutting edge of banking and finance at the Nordic Fintech Summit on 11th May!

Daniel Aarenstrup


Topic: "Challenging old business models in savings and investing"

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