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Financial Trust

Fintech Farm
February 29, 2024

You can't operate in finance without knowing and managing your risks in a highly professional manner. This approach is applicable to all types of business, but dealing with peoples' money and wealth is 100 percent a trust issue. In finance, trust is codified in binding regulation, and a breach might get you investigated and even prosecuted. That is a rare extreme, but you don't have to progress anywhere near this far to have your trust seriously eroded. 

In banking and finance trust lost is an existential level risk cost.

Money and the seeking of wealth unite us all. We all need financial services, but unfortunately, so do criminals too. One of the most serious risks in the finance industry is being the victim of money laundering,  fraud, or other financial crimes. Extra vigilance is required in the finance industry as new regulations might change people who today are your most valued customers and business partners to an unreliable or even risky counterparty in a day.

Having turned a blind eye for decades, Europe is finally catching up with Kremlin's negative impact on both human rights and global trade and politics. One of the compulsory ways of fighting against state-sponsored terrorism and war crimes worldwide is to impose sanctions on responsible businesses and individuals.

Russia's illegal war against Ukraine has made sanctions a substantial part of our business activity and everyday life, as they impact different sectors, including the financial. As many businesses find it out the hard way, sanctions bind us all. To help you catch up on the most current regulation, interpretations, and cases arising out of the sanctions regulations against Russia and Russians, we're delighted to have Hanna-Mari Manninen and Kateryna Shapran from Finland's leading fintech and finance law office Dittmar & Indrenius to fill you in on all the must-knows!"

Hanna-Mari Manninen | Partner, Head of Corporate Advisory, Compliance & Sustainability at Dittmar & Indrenius
Kateryna Shapran | Foreign Associate at Dittmar & Indrenius
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